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CKlaze OPM Love Songs Exclusives

Name Key BPM Length Size
Ako’y Sayo Ika’y Sa Akin (Cklaze Redrum) 74Bpm 11B 148 05:37 13.93MB
Anak (Cklaze Redrum) 85-54Bpm 8A 85 06:07 15.06MB
Ang Aking Dasal (Cklaze Intro) 65Bpm 6B/7B 130 06:11 15.22MB
Ang Lahat Ko Ay Ikaw (Cklaze Redrum) 116Bpm 11B 116 03:06 8.17MB
Awit Ng Barkada (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 9A 140 04:00 10.22MB
Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm – Lea Salonga 10B 140 05:05 12.70MB
Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang (Cklaze Redrum) 67Bpm 9B 134 04:46 11.99MB
Bakit Pa (Cklaze Redrum) 72Bpm 3A 144 04:30 11.36MB
Bakit Pa Ba (Cklaze Redrum) 65Bpm 7B 130 05:10 12.89MB
Baleleng (Cklaze Intro) 127Bpm 12B 127 05:04 12.66MB
Bawal Na Pag-Ibig (Cklaze Redrum) 80Bpm 11A 80 03:36 9.30MB
Bye Bye Na (Cklaze Redrum) 115Bpm 9B 115 04:14 10.77MB
Dadaanin Sa Panalangin (Cklaze Redrum) 79Bpm 9A 158 04:18 10.91MB
Dadalhin (Cklaze Redrum) 75Bpm 7B 150 05:19 13.25MB
Damdamin (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 6B 141 04:52 12.23MB
Di Na Natuto (Cklaze Redrum) 68Bpm 8B 136 04:42 11.83MB
Forevermore (Cklaze Redrum) 83Bpm 0 05:18 13.22MB
Habang May Buhay (Cklaze Intro) 63Bpm 5B 126 05:36 13.90MB
Hanggang Ngayon (Cklaze Redrum) 68Bpm 8B 136 04:49 12.10MB
Hesus (Cklaze Intro) 79Bpm 6A 158 03:26 8.94MB
Hindi Aasenso (Cklaze Intro) 120Bpm 7A 120 03:04 8.09MB
Huwag Ka Nang Babalik (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 2B 140 04:27 11.26MB
Huwag Masanay Sa Pagmamahal (Cklaze Redrum) 117Bpm 9B 117 03:00 7.95MB
I Live My Life For You (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 3B 140 05:13 13.03MB
I Thing I’m Falling In Love (Cklaze Redrum) 82Bpm 9A/12B 82 03:45 9.66MB
Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin (Cklaze Redrum) 66Bpm 10B 132 04:54 12.30MB
If We Fall In Love (Cklaze Redrum) 72Bpm 7B 144 04:40 11.74MB
Iingatan Ka – Cklaze Redrum – Carol Banawa – 76Bpm 7B 152 05:41 14.18MB
Ikaw Ang Dahilan (Cklaze Intro) 72Bpm 11B 144 04:50 12.12MB
Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin (Cklaze Redrum) 75Bpm 12B 150 05:26 13.51MB
Ikaw Sana (Cklaze Redrum) 66Bpm 9B 132 06:40 16.32MB
In My Life (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 10B 140 05:01 12.57MB
Isang Linggong Pag-Ibig (Cklaze Intro) 101Bpm 9A 101 05:27 13.57MB
Ito Na Naman (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 8B 140 04:47 12.01MB
Kahapon At Pag-Ibig (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 8B 140 05:12 12.96MB
Kahit Ika’y Isang Panaginip Lang (Cklaze Intro) 80Bpm 6B 80 04:54 12.28MB
Kahit Kailan (Cklaze Redrum) 60Bpm – South Border 9A 120 06:16 15.44MB
Kailangan Kita (Cklaze Intro) 65Bpm 8B 130 05:04 12.68MB
Kamusta Ka (Cklaze Intro) 77Bpm 10B 154 05:21 13.31MB
Kanlungan (Cklaze Redrum) 90Bpm 12A 90 05:14 13.06MB
Kung Ako’y Iiiwan Mo (Cklaze Redrum) 80Bpm 4B 80 04:33 11.48MB
Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang (Cklaze Redrum) 90Bpm 11B 90 04:50 12.15MB
Love Moves In Mysterious Ways (Cklaze Redrum) 75Bpm 4B 150 04:21 11.04MB
Love Of Mine (Cklaze Redrum) 80Bpm 10B 80 02:59 7.90MB
Loving You (Cklaze Redrum) 65Bpm 3B/2B 130 05:28 13.60MB
Lumang Tugtugin (Cklaze Intro) 75Bpm 9B 150 05:07 12.78MB
Maghihintay (Cklaze Redrum) 81Bpm 12B 81 04:32 11.46MB
Mahal Kita’ Walang Iba (Cklaze Redrum) 74Bpm 9A 148 05:27 13.56MB
Mahal Pa Rin Kita (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 11B 140 05:26 13.53MB
Mamahalin Kita (Cklaze Redrum) 105Bpm 9A/9B 105 03:34 9.26MB
Maybe (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 9B 140 04:34 11.52MB
Miss Kita Pag Tuesday (Cklaze Redrum) 127Bpm 11B 127 04:51 12.16MB
Muli (Cklaze Redrum) 75Bpm 5A 150 05:45 14.24MB
Munting Pangrap (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 12B 140 04:23 11.10MB
Nakapagtataka (Cklaze Redrum) 82Bpm 4A 82 04:20 11.00MB
Nandito Ako (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 8B 140 04:58 12.44MB
Nanghihinayang (Cklaze Redrum) 67Bpm 7B 134 05:18 13.22MB
Narito Ako (Cklaze Redrum) 75Bpm 9B 150 05:26 13.51MB
Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos (Cklaze Redrum) 66Bpm 7B 132 04:50 12.16MB
Never Give Up (Cklaze Redrum) 82Bpm 9A 89 04:21 11.04MB
Ngayon At Kailanman (Cklaze Intro) 80Bpm 7B 80 04:46 11.99MB
Oh Babe (Cklaze Redrum) 72Bpm 10A 144 03:46 9.71MB
Paalam Na (Cklaze Redrum) 90Bpm 9A 90 05:38 13.98MB
Paano (Cklaze Redrum) 80Bpm 10B 80 04:16 10.85MB
Paano Ba Maibabalik Ang Kahapon (Cklaze Redrum) 72Bpm 6B 144 04:05 10.41MB
Paano Ko Sasabihin (Cklaze Redrum) 114Bpm 7A 114 04:02 10.30MB
Pag-Asa (Cklaze Redrum) 66Bpm 8B 132 04:47 12.02MB
Pag-Gising (Cklaze Redrum) 74Bpm 11B 148 04:51 12.20MB
Pag-Ibig’ Pagmamahal (Cklaze Redrum) 109Bpm 12B 109 04:59 12.48MB
Pag-Isahin Natin (Cklaze Redrum) 85Bpm 12B 85 03:48 9.79MB
Pagbabalik (Cklaze Intro) 72Bpm 8B 144 05:53 14.54MB
Pagtibok Ng Puso (Cklaze Redrum) 94Bpm 9A 94 04:16 10.85MB
Pangako Ng Umaga (Cklaze Redrum) 79Bpm 10B 158 02:31 6.86MB
Pangako Sayo (Cklaze Redrum) 75Bpm 9B 150 04:36 11.62MB
Panunumpa (Cklaze Redrum) 90Bpm 9B 90 04:26 11.23MB
Para Bang Kahapon Lang (Cklaze Redrum) 82Bpm 8B 82 05:39 14.01MB
Para Lang Sayo (Cklaze Redrum) 74Bpm 8B 148 04:34 11.52MB
Perrys Will (Cklaze Redrum) 90Bpm 9B 90 04:22 11.08MB
Right Next To Me (Cklaze Redrum) 82Bpm 6B 82 05:04 12.70MB
Sa Aking Byahe (Cklaze Redrum) 107Bpm 9B 107 05:07 12.78MB
Sa Kanya (Cklaze Intro) 65Bpm 7B 130 05:41 14.08MB
Saan Na Nga Ba Ang Barkada (Cklaze Redrum) 60Bpm 7B 120 04:47 12.04MB
Seven Seas (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 10B 140 05:08 12.83MB
Sinasamba Kita (Cklaze Redrum) 60Bpm 8A 120 05:58 14.72MB
Sino Ako (Cklaze Redrum) 85Bpm 9B 85 04:39 11.72MB
So Slow (Cklaze Intro) 107Bpm 8B 107 05:14 13.04MB
Softly (Cklaze Redrum) 94Bpm 8B 94 03:26 8.95MB
Sorry Na Pwede Ba (Cklaze Redrum) 85Bpm 11B 85 04:05 10.43MB
Sorry Song (Cklaze Redrum) 62Bpm 2B 124 05:21 13.32MB
T.l. Ako Sayo (Cklaze Redrum) 76Bpm 5B 152 03:47 9.73MB
Tag-Ulan (Cklaze Redrum) 89Bpm 9B 89 05:02 12.58MB
Tanging Yaman (Cklaze Redrum) 75Bpm 5A/5B 150 03:04 8.11MB
The Closer I Get To You (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 9B 140 05:15 13.09MB
The Journey (Cklaze Redrum) 100Bpm 6B 100 05:00 12.51MB
The Past (Cklaze Redrum) 68Bpm 9B 136 03:42 9.54MB
Tuwing Umuulan (Cklaze Redrum) 73Bpm 7B 146 05:40 14.04MB
Umagang Ka’y Ganda (Cklaze Redrum) 87Bpm 5A 87 04:27 11.27MB
Will Of The Wind (Cklaze Redrum) 101Bpm 11B 101 03:38 9.40MB
Yakap Sa Dilim (Cklaze Intro) 113Bpm 8A 113 03:45 9.65MB
Total size: 1,179.84MB (99 files)
Total length: 07:48:50

CKlaze TikTok Hits Redrum Vol. 2

Name Key BPM Length Size
Hazel Faith – Kinikilig (Cklaze Redrum) 128Bpm 1B/12A 128 04:11 11.67MB
Jackboys – Out West (Cklaze Redrum) 70Bpm 6A 140 03:25 9.93MB
Lil Nas X – Montero (Call Me By Your Name) (Cklaze Redrum) 90Bpm 1A 90 03:01 9.00MB
Marc E. Bassy X G-Eazy – You And Me (Cklaze Redrum) 85Bpm 3B 85 04:19 12.00MB
Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go (Cklaze Redrum) 124Bpm 9A 124 03:54 11.02MB
Sean Paul X Dua Lipa – No Lie (Cklaze Redrum) 102Bpm 8A 102 04:23 12.14MB
Soulthrll – Cutie Uyyy (Cklaze Redrum) 75Bpm 7A 150 02:30 7.82MB
Starboi X Doja Cat – Dick (Dirty) (Cklaze Redrum) 63Bpm 7A 126 03:21 9.79MB
Usher X Juicy J – I Don’t Mind (Cklaze Redrum) 125Bpm 12B 125 04:44 12.93MB
Zum X Shenseea – Rebel (Cklaze Redrum) 102Bpm 6B 102 02:49 8.54MB
Total size: 104.84MB (10 files)
Total length: 00:36:37

CKlaze TikTok Hits Redrum Vol. 1

Name Key BPM Length Size
Bella Poarch – Build A Bitch (Dirty) (Cklaze Redrum) 103Bpm 5A 103 02:57 8.65MB
Charly Black – You’re Perfect (Cklaze Redrum) 105Bpm 6B 105 03:43 10.44MB
Doja Cat X Sza – Kiss Me More (Cklaze Redrum) 110Bpm 4B 110 04:21 11.88MB
Donnalyn – O.m.o. (Cklaze Redrum) 90Bpm 8A 90 05:00 13.34MB
Donnel Lewis – Missing My Love (Cklaze Redrum) 90Bpm 5A 90 03:52 10.75MB
Hd4President – Touchdown 2 Cause Hell (Cklaze Redrum) 85Bpm 2A 85 03:03 8.90MB
Justin Wellington – Iko Iko (Cklaze Redrum) 105Bpm – 7B 105 03:21 9.57MB
Megan Thee Stallion – Thot Shit (Dirty) (Cklaze Redrum) 65Bpm 9A 130 03:41 10.35MB
Sally Sossa – Star Song (Cklaze Redrum) 65Bpm 8B 130 04:11 11.50MB
Skusta Clee X Bullet D – Dyosa (Cklaze Redrum) 77Bpm 12A 154 05:11 13.79MB
Total size: 109.17MB (10 files)
Total length: 00:39:20