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DJ Allan Remix Pack [September 2021]

Name Key BPM Length Size
2 Live Crew X Vion Konger – We Want Some Pussy (Dj Allan 2021 Bootleg)[Dirty] 4A 126 03:04 7.05MB
2Pac – Changes (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Clean] 9B 111 05:02 11.55MB
Abba X Le Pedre – Gimme Gimme Gimme (Dj Allan 2021 Bootleg)[Clean] 7A 126 04:01 9.23MB
Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat (Dj Allan Future House Remix)[Clean] 10A 125 03:06 7.11MB
Apache – Gangsta Bitch (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Dirty] 4A 98 04:53 11.22MB
Backstreet Boys X Robbie Doherty & Keees – I Want It That Way (Dj Allan Pour The Milk Mash-Up)[Clean] 11A 126 04:05 9.38MB
Becky G & Vanessa Mai – Ram Pam Pam (Dj Allan Reggaeton Redrum)[Dirty] 4A 97 04:07 9.44MB
Beyonce – Sweet Dreams (Dj Allan Future House Mix)[Clean] 2A 123 03:57 9.05MB
Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half Steppin (Dj Allan Old School Hype Redrum)[Clean] 5A 101 05:13 11.97MB
Blackstreet – No Diggity (Dj Allan House Edit)[Clean] 11A 123 02:52 6.59MB
Calvin Harris X Tungevaag – We’ll Be Coming Back (Dj Allan Ride With Me Mash-Up)[Clean] 9B 130 04:43 10.82MB
Cam’ron – Oh Boy (Dj Allan Throwback Redrum)[Dirty] 12A 83 04:26 10.15MB
Camilo – Kesi (Dj Allan Latin Redrum)[Clean] 12B 123 04:09 9.53MB
Carly Rae Jepsen X Lum!x & Hyperclap – Call Me Maybe (Dj Allan Major Tom Mash-Up)[Clean] 9B 128 03:37 8.32MB
Coolio – C U When You Get There (Dj Allan Old School Redrum V2)[Clean] 5A/5B 90 04:37 10.58MB
Coolio – Gangstas Paradise (Dj Allan Old School Redrum V2)[Clean] 5A 80 04:48 10.99MB
Costa Leon X Lulleaux & Macks Ft. Laurell – Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Dj Allan Wasting My Time Mash-Up) 11A 123 02:40 6.12MB
Craig David X Tsyrenov – Walking Away (Dj Allan Mixshow House Edit)[Clean] 8A 115 02:15 5.18MB
Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (Dj Allan Old School Redrum V2)[Clean] 6A 102 04:00 9.16MB
Daft Punk – Da Funk (Dj Allan 90S Hype Edit)[Clean] 6A 111 04:38 10.65MB
David Guetta & Glowinthedark – Ain’t A Party (Dj Allan 2021 Bootleg)[Clean] 4A/11A 128 02:16 5.23MB
Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Mistadobalina (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Clean] 9A 100 04:38 10.63MB
Dj Isaac – Face Down Ass Up (Dj Allan 2021 Bootleg)[Dirty] 9A/6A 129 03:02 6.96MB
Dj Snake & Selena Gomez X Redondo & Adam Griffin – Selfish Love (Dj Allan Neon Boulevard Mash-Up) 5A 123 02:59 6.86MB
Doctor By Day – Hey Jude (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean] 7A 122 03:24 7.81MB
Dr. Dre – Keep Their Heads Ringin (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Dirty] 9A 90 04:58 11.40MB
Dr. Dre – Lil’ Ghetto Boy (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Dirty] 6A 92 05:07 11.75MB
Drake – Way 2 Sexy (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean] 9A 136 05:28 12.53MB
Ed Sheeran – Shivers (Dj Allan Pop Redrum)[Clean] 10A 141 04:05 9.35MB
Ed Sheeran X Tungevaag – Shivers (Dj Allan Ride With Me Mash-Up)[Clean] 9A 130 04:44 10.85MB
Enrique Iglesias – Chasing The Sun (Dj Allan Pop Redrum)[Clean] 8A 123 03:07 7.15MB
Epiik’ Revibe’ Ho.k X Sophie Francis – Hell Yeah (Dj Allan Festival Bootleg) 4A 128 03:19 7.63MB
Eurythmics X Three 6 Mafia X Sound Of Legend – Shake My Sweet Dreams (Dj Allan 2021 House Edit) 5A 126 02:40 6.13MB
Farruko X Alvaro & Mercer – Welcome To The Pepas (Dj Allan Festivalmash-Up)[Dirty] 8A 128 03:53 8.91MB
Farruko X Don Omar – Pepas (Dj Allan Danza Kuduro Intro Blend)[Clean] 8A 130 04:57 11.34MB
Farruko X Seabatian Ingrosso – Pepas (Dj Allan Reload Toneplay Segue V1)[Clean] 8A 128 04:11 9.59MB
Farruko X Seabatian Ingrosso – Pepas (Dj Allan Reload Toneplay Segue V2)[Clean] 8A 128 03:56 9.02MB
Fatboy Slim X Butesha & Dj Kleo – The Rockafeller Skank (Dj Allan Festival Edit) 6A 124 03:09 7.25MB
Felix Jaehn’ Miksu’ Macloud – Happy (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean] 8B 125 03:19 7.62MB
Gala – Freed From Desire (Dj Allan 90S Dance Redrum)[Clean] 7A 129 03:51 8.84MB
Gigi D’Agostino’ Marnik’ Luca Noise – One More Dance (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean] 5A 116 04:08 9.48MB
Hurricane Chris – The Hand Clap (Dj Allan Throwback Redrum Hype) 4A/6A 88 03:05 7.09MB
Iyaz X Robbie Doherty & Keees – Replay (Dj Allan Pour The Milk Mash-Up)[Clean] 11A 126 03:50 8.80MB
Jason Derulo – Acapulco (Dj Allan Pop Redrum)[Clean] 6A 122 02:53 6.61MB
Jason Derulo X Lena Leon X Disco Fries Tt. Adam Levine – Lifestyle (Dj Allan Borderline Mash-Up)[Clean] 3A 128 03:15 7.46MB
Jay-Z & Kanye West X Woak & Ruddek – Niggas In Paris (Dj Allan My House Mash-Up)[Dirty] 4A 126 03:50 8.80MB
Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body (Dj Allan Throwback Redrum)[Clean] 9A 101 04:45 10.88MB
Lady Gaga X Yves V & Hugel – Bad Romance (Dj Allan Finally Mash-Up)[Clean] 8A 124 05:29 12.56MB
Little Mix – Love (Sweet Love) (Dj Allan Pop Redrum Hype)[Clean] 6A 102 05:01 11.49MB
Little Mix – Love (Sweet Love) (Dj Allan Pop Redrum)[Clean] 6A 102 05:01 11.49MB
Loudn’dirty X Panjabi Mc – Mundian Punjabi Sound (Dj Allan Twerk Blend Edit) 9A 105 03:09 7.25MB
Lucky Charms & Brøder – Fast (Dj Allan Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 4A 100 03:24 7.79MB
M-People X Duke Dumont & Gorgon City – Moving On Up (Dj Allan Real Life Mash-Up) 6A 125 03:19 7.63MB
Machine Gun Kelly’ Blackbear X Felix Samuel & Fredrik Ferrier – My Ex’s Best Friend (Dj Allan When The Night Ends Mash-Up)[Dirty] 4A 124 04:11 9.60MB
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis X Matthew Topper – Thrift Shop (Dj Allan Take It Over Mash-Up)[Dirty] 1A 125 03:19 7.62MB
Madonna – Like A Prayer (Dj Allan 80S Dance Redrum)[Clean] 7B 112 04:42 10.80MB
Major Lazer X Lum!x & Hyperclap – Titans (Dj Allan Major Tom Mash-Up)[Clean] 9B 128 03:15 7.48MB
Major Lazer X Rad Ft. Fatman Scoop – Pon De Floor (Dj Allan House Blend Edit) 5A 126 03:10 7.28MB
Mark Morisson – Return Of The Mack (Dj Allan Old School Redrum V2)[Clean] 7A 95 04:12 9.64MB
Maroon 5 X Christopher Damas – Lost (Dj Allan Somali Mash-Up)[Clean] 6A 126 04:07 9.45MB
Maroon 5 X Faul & Wad – Beautiful Mistakes (Dj Allan Tokyo Mash-Up)[Clean] 6B 125 03:52 8.87MB
Marshmello & Anne-Marie X Kream & Rani – Friends (Dj Allan Go Somewhere Mash-Up)[Dirty] 8A 124 03:21 7.68MB
Mc Lyte – Can I Get Some Dap (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Dirty] 4A 95 04:17 9.83MB
Notorious B.i.g. – Hypnotize (Dj Allan Old School Quick Cutz) 0 02:38 6.05MB
Oasis X Mike Williams – Wonderwall (Dj Allan 2021 Reboot)[Clean] 11A 128 02:26 5.58MB
Pete Rock C.l. Smooth – They Reminisce Over You (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Clean] 1A 102 04:51 11.14MB
Pitbull – Give Me Everything (Dj Allan Afro Hype Edit)[Clean] 5A 129 03:37 8.31MB
Pitbull X Aexcit – Time Of Our Lives (Dj Allan Be Mine Mash-Up)[Dirty] 4B 124 04:39 10.67MB
Ptazeta’ Juacko – Ri Ri (Dj Allan Latin Redrum)[Clean] 12A 126 03:40 8.43MB
Rauw Alejandro – Nubes (Dj Allan Reggaeton Redrum)[Clean] 5A 93 03:47 8.67MB
Red Hot Chilli Peppers X Swedish House Mafia – Dani California (Dj Allan Festival Bootleg Qh) 8A 128 02:51 6.55MB
Remady – A Little Taste (Dj Allan Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 11A 121 03:32 8.10MB
Remady X Paul Johnson – A Little Taste (Dj Allan Get Get Down Blend Edit)[Clean] 11A 121 03:48 8.71MB
Rick Ross X Misha Klein – Hustlin (Dj Allan House Acapella Drop)[Clean] 1A 122 04:15 9.76MB
Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music (Dj Allan 2021 Festival Bootleg)[Clean] 11A 128 02:54 6.66MB
Rihanna X Marc Benjamin & Afrojack – Umbrella (Dj Allan Start Over Again Mash-Up) 3A 125 03:04 7.04MB
Rita Ora X Syn Cole – Your Song (Dj Allan Drift Mash-Up)[Clean] 3B 124 04:19 9.90MB
Roger Sanchez X Oliver Heldens – Another Chance (Dj Allan Mixshow House Edit)[Clean] 6A 128 04:33 10.45MB
Ron Browz X Nelly Ft. Jim Jones’ Fergie – Party Champagne (Dj Allan Party Break Edit) 4A 94 02:53 6.64MB
Sainvil’ Yung Baby Tate – Too Many Times (Dj Allan Redrum)[Dirty] 7A 146 04:22 10.03MB
Shakira – She Wolf (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean] 10A 122 03:48 8.71MB
Sm1Lo & Twodb X Henry Fong & Reece Low – In My Head (Dj Allan Slapjack Bootleg)[Clean] 11A 128 03:56 9.02MB
Snoop Dogg Ft. Nipsey Hussle & Problem – Upside Down (Dj Allan Throwback Redrum Hype) 8A 94 03:14 7.42MB
Soul Ii Soul – Back To Life (Dj Allan 80S R&b Redrum)[Clean] 7A 101 04:11 9.61MB
Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz (Dj Allan Old School Redrum)[Clean] 8A 108 04:08 9.50MB
Steve Aoki X Selva – Ladi Dadi (Dj Allan Friends Mash-Up)[Clean] 8A 122 03:42 8.48MB
Tag Team – Whoomp There It Is (Dj Allan Old School Quick Redrum)[Clean] 4A 129 02:13 5.11MB
Tag Team X New Players – Whoomp There It Is (Dj Allan Drop That Beat Festival Mash-Up) 4A 128 03:01 6.95MB
Tai Verdes’ 24Kgoldn – A-O-K (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean] 12A 83 04:18 9.88MB
The Dream – Ditch That (Dj Allan Throwback Redrum Hype) 12A 106 03:19 7.61MB
The Kid Laroi’ Justin Bieber – Stay (Dj Allan House Mash-Up)[Dirty] 3A 126 03:33 8.14MB
The Kid Laroi’ Justin Bieber X Declain & Elle Vee – Stay (Dj Allan Festival Mash-Up)[Clean] 4A 128 03:48 8.73MB
The Kid Laroi’ Justin Bieber X Declain & Elle Vee – Stay (Dj Allan Festival Mash-Up)[Dirty] 4A 128 03:48 8.73MB
Tiesto X Yves V’ Robert Falcon – Lethal Industry (Dj Allan Forget You Edit)[Clean] 7A 126 04:37 10.58MB
Tito Puente Yves Larock X Steff Da Campo – Oye Como Va (Dj Allan Rise Up Mash-Up)[Clean] 1A 126 03:20 7.67MB
Tone Loc – Wild Thing (Dj Allan 80S Hip Rock Redrum)[Clean] 8A 126 04:05 9.38MB
Tony! Toni! Tone! – If I Had No Loot (Dj Allan Old School Redrum V2)[Clean] 11B 106 04:50 11.10MB
Tujamo X Le Pedre – Candy On The Dancefloor (Dj Allan Million Voices Mash-Up)[Clean] 5B 124 03:53 8.90MB
Whitney Houston & Clean Bandit – How Will I Know (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean] 2B 119 04:02 9.24MB
Yehme2 – Walkin (Dj Allan Redrum)[Clean] 9A 144 02:33 5.85MB
Ying Yang Twins – 1St Booty On Duty (Dj Allan Throwback Quick Redrum) 0 02:49 6.48MB
Ying Yang Twins X Desamor – Shake (Dj Allan Afro Edit)[Clean] 2A/4A 118 03:31 8.07MB
Total size: 894.39MB (102 files)
Total length: 06:29:39