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Extreme Remixes (14 Jun 2019)

Name Length Size
Aretha Franklin Respect Classic 70S Redrum 02:47 2.75MB
Golden Girls Theme 2019 Club Banger Rework 02:24 5.52MB
Johnny Cash Walk The Line Classic 50S Redrum 02:29 5.69MB
Little Richard Tutti Frutti Party Redrum 02:50 6.53MB
Madonna Like A Prayer Classic 80S Redrum 02:17 5.48MB
Marvelettes Please Mr Postman Classic 60S Redrum 02:52 6.57MB
Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing Classic 70S Redrum 02:43 6.26MB
Mary Jane Girls All Night Long Classic 80S Redrum 02:38 6.23MB
Mc Hammer To Legit To Quit Quick Hitter Rework 02:13 5.10MB
Pee Wee Herman And Roni Classic Mashup Blend 02:39 6.11MB
Somewhere Together Club Mashup 02:42 6.21MB
Still Not Peter Piper Classic Hip Hop Mashup 02:52 6.59MB
Yvonne Elliman If I Cant Have You 70S Party Redrum 02:50 6.50MB
Total size: 75.52MB (13 files)
Total length: 00:34:16

Extreme Remixes (08 Jun 2019)

Name Length Size
Just Want To Celebrate In Da Club Classic Throwback Mashup 02:55 6.71MB
Kansas Dust In The Wind Classic 70S Redrum 03:13 7.39MB
Love Shack In The Ayer Classic Party Hype Edit Mashup 03:19 7.62MB
Seasons Change Redrum 03:11 7.30MB
Sexy Holiday Classic Club Party Hype Edit Mashup 03:08 7.21MB
Shannon Let The Music Play Classic Electro Banger Remix 03:18 7.59MB
So What Rock N Roll Classic Party Mashup 03:11 7.32MB
Somebodys Dirty Talk 03:22 7.72MB
The Beatles Come Together Classic 60S Redrum 02:59 6.86MB
The Doobie Brothers Long Train Runnin Classic 70S Redrum 03:15 7.70MB
The Shirelles Going To The Chapel Of Love Classic 60S Redrum 03:16 7.56MB
The Temptations My Girl Classic 60S Redrum 02:54 7.08MB
Walk The Pokerface Dinosaur Bmore Remix 03:21 7.71MB
Total size: 95.78MB (13 files)
Total length: 00:41:22

Extreme Remixes (03 Jun 2019)

Name Length Size
Alicia Bridges I Love The Night Life Classic 70S Redrum 03:57 9.07MB
Kenny Loggins Danger Zone Party Redrum 03:50 8.81MB
Mr Mister Kyrie Classic 80S Redrum 03:33 8.15MB
Prince 1999 Classic 80S Redrum 03:36 8.25MB
Prince When Doves Cry Classic 80S Hype Redrum 03:53 8.90MB
Queen Radio Ga Ga 2019 Club Party Banger 03:45 8.62MB
Quiet Riot Come On Feel The Noise 2016 Club Banger 03:32 8.11MB
Salt N Pepe Push It Party Remix 03:27 7.90MB
Show Me Love On Earth Classic Party Mashup 03:35 8.24MB
Sly The Family Stone Dance To The Music 60S Funk Redrum 03:23 7.75MB
The Cars My Best Friends Girl Classic 70S Redrum 03:53 8.92MB
The Saturdays Mr Postman Uptempo Party Redrum 03:50 8.80MB
The Whispers And The Beat Goes On Classic 70S Hype Redrum 03:28 7.96MB
Wild Virgin Classic 80S Hype Edit Mashup Rework 03:46 8.65MB
Total size: 118.13MB (14 files)
Total length: 00:51:28

Extreme Remixes (31 May 2019)

Name Length Size
Aretha Franklin Respect Classic 70S Hype Dance Rework 04:08 9.49MB
Bon Jovi Livin On A Prayer Epic 80S Redrum 04:20 9.99MB
Johnny Cash I Walk The Line 2017 Club Banger 04:22 10.02MB
Kool And The Gang Celebration Classic Hype Redrum 04:17 9.83MB
Michael Jackson Beat It 2015 Club Banger 04:17 9.83MB
Paul Mccartney Wonderful Christmas Time Classic Christmas 70S Redrum 04:03 9.30MB
Prince Raspberry Beret Classic 80S Redrum 04:20 9.92MB
Roxette Dangerous Classic 80S Redrum 04:09 9.53MB
Salt N Pepa Push It 80S Hip Hop Party Hype Redrum 04:07 9.46MB
Stacy Lattisaw Jump To The Beat 70S Disco Redrum 04:10 9.58MB
The Isley Brothers Shout Classic 50S Trap Rework 04:06 9.41MB
The O Jays Use To Be My Girl Club Remix 04:27 10.22MB
The Right Stuff Party Redrum 04:16 9.80MB
Tracy Chapman Fast Cars Club Redrum 04:23 10.06MB
Valerie Delacruz Thank You For Being A Friend 2019 Drop Edit Edm Banger 04:02 9.28MB
Total size: 145.72MB (15 files)
Total length: 01:03:27

Extreme Remixes (27 May 2019)

Name Length Size
Jimmy Spicer Money Hype Party Rework 05:10 11.84MB
Kc And The Sunshine Band Give It Up Classic 70S Redrum 04:28 10.25MB
Kenny Rogers Ft Dolly Parton Islands In The Stream Classic Throwback Hype Redrum 04:49 11.04MB
Kenny Rogers Ft Dolly Parton Islands In The Stream Classic Throwback Redrum 04:48 11.01MB
Kenny Rogers Islands In The Stream Party Redrum 04:44 10.84MB
Livin On A Yo Prayer 2014 Electro Banger 04:57 11.36MB
Men At Work Down Under Classic 80S Club Banger 05:03 11.61MB
Michael Jackson Thriller Classic 80S Hype Party Edit Intro 05:18 12.17MB
Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al Classic 80S Redrum 04:48 11.00MB
Sister Sledge We Are Family Classic 70S Hype Drum 04:49 11.03MB
Stevie Wonder My Cherie Amour Club Rework 04:45 10.89MB
The Eagles Heartache Tonight Classic 70S Rock Redrum 04:43 10.82MB
The Whispers Rock Steady Classic 70S Party Edit Rework 05:07 11.74MB
Total size: 145.60MB (13 files)
Total length: 01:03:29

Extreme Remixes (25 May 2019)

Name Key BPM Length Size
100 – No Diggity (Dru Moncatar Twerk Edit) – Black Street 6A 100 04:49 11.41MB
124 – Summertime Sadness (Dru Moncatar Intro Bootleg) – Lana Del Rey 12A 124 06:00 14.13MB
126 – This Is America (D.m. Bass House Edit) – Childish Gambino 9A 126 03:40 8.79MB
128 – Pompeii (Dru Moncatar Basshouse Edit) – Bastille 11A 128 05:51 13.81MB
128 – Wheres Your Head At (Dru Moncatar Basshouse Bootleg) – Basement Jaxx 4A/8B 128 03:34 8.56MB
Araw Araw Sunday – Bugoy N Koy Koy (Chris Bounce Remix) 5A 102 03:50 6.69MB
Balong Malalim V3 – Juan Dela Cruz [ Arman Stevence Exlusive Remix ] 7A 120 03:41 8.45MB
Balong Malalim [Clean] – Juan Dela Cruz [ Arman Stevence Exclusive Remix ] 7A 120 03:19 7.61MB
Benta Bounce – Bugoy N Koy Koy (Chris Bounce Clean Remix) 8A 93 04:18 7.64MB
Benta Bounce – Bugoy N Koy Koy (Chris Bounce Hype Remix) 8A 93 04:18 7.70MB
Bobby Bobbito – Bawal Clan (Chris Bounce Remix) 3A 130 03:41 6.19MB
Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley V5 [ Arman Stevence Hype Remix ] 11B 128 07:50 18.00MB
Dalaga – (Wreckthedj) (Opm House Edit) 4A 128 05:02 11.60MB
Dalaga – (Wreckthedj) (Remix) (Clean) 4A 110 06:07 14.08MB
Dalaga – Extended Edit(Dj.roliermx) 4A 110 05:49 13.35MB
Dalaga – Moombahton Style (Dj.roliermx) 4A 110 05:49 13.35MB
Dalawang Beses – Bugoy N Koy Koy (Chris Bounce Remix) 10A 129 03:07 5.31MB
Family Day – 727 Clique (Chris Bounce Remix) 9A 135 04:58 9.09MB
Galing Sa Wala – Bugoy N Koy Koy (Chris Bounce Remix) 4A 140 05:08 8.92MB
Gin At Marijuana – Owfuck (Chris Bounce Remix) 6A 130 05:10 9.62MB
Humanap Ka Ng Panget [ Mi Gente Mash Up ] – Andrew E. [ Arman Stevence Exclusive Remix ] 9A 95 04:25 10.12MB
Ice Ice Baybeh – Hype Reggaton Edit (Dj.roliermx) 7A 110 04:48 11.02MB
Inuman Na – Redrum Cln (Dj.roliermx) 9A 97 04:37 10.61MB
Kontrabida – Pricetagg (Chris Bounce Remix) 12A 86 06:02 10.80MB
Maikees Letter – Bugoy N Koy Koy (Chris Bounce Remix) 8A 122 06:02 9.11MB
Manila – Hotdogs [ Arman Stevence Exclusive Remix ] 4A 115 03:41 8.46MB
Maria Ave Maria – Extended Redrum (Dj.roliermx) 1B 80 03:36 8.27MB
Outthrow – Shanti Dope (Chris Bounce Remix) 6A 114 06:16 11.21MB
Pauwi Nako – (Wreckthedj) (Hype) (Drop) 4A/3B 140 07:08 16.40MB
Pauwi Nako – (Wreckthedj) (Opm Quick Housemix) 4A 130 03:24 7.80MB
Rest Day – Clr (Chris Bounce Remix) 5A/6A 89 04:40 8.00MB
She Wanna Fuck – Bugoy N Koy Koy (Chris Bounce Remix) 9A 140 05:56 10.40MB
Sunflower – Post Malone [ Arman Stevence Remix ] 9B 90 04:02 9.26MB
Take It Easy – Acdmdns (Chris Bounce Remix) 10A 80 04:48 8.31MB
Timezone – Manila Grey (Chris Bounce Remix) 1A 80 04:48 8.36MB
Tinawag Ng Tropa – Bugoy N Koy Koy (Chris Bounce Remix) 9A 140 04:48 8.64MB
Walk Of Life – Redrum Dty (Dj.roliermx) 2B 96 03:56 9.05MB
Total size: 370.16MB (37 files)
Total length: 02:58:58

Extreme Remixes (24 May 2019)

Name Length Size
Carl Carlton Shes A Bad Mama Jama Classic 80S Redrum 05:53 13.48MB
Let September Kick Classic Peakhour Banger 05:36 12.84MB
Ll Cool J I Need Love Classic Hip Hop Redrum 05:41 13.04MB
Love Music House Remix 05:39 13.03MB
Mc Hammer 2 Legit 2 Quit Classic 80S Redrum 06:15 14.31MB
Olivia Newton John Your The One That I Want 2019 Club Dance Remix 06:05 14.00MB
Phil Collins One More Night Classic 80S Redrum 06:20 14.52MB
Roxette Dangerous Classic 80S Club Rework 05:52 13.45MB
The Beatles Come Together Classic 60S Club Party Banger 06:43 15.40MB
The Police Every Breath You Take Classic 80S Club Banger 06:21 14.63MB
The Romantics Talking In Your Sleep Classic 80S Rock Redrum 06:10 14.13MB
Toto Africa Classic 80S Club Party Banger 05:24 12.45MB
Wanna Be Startin Conga Classic Party Mashup 05:42 13.05MB
Yvonne Elliman If I Cant Have You 70S Dance Rework 06:14 14.28MB
Yvonne Elliman If I Cant Have You Classic 70S Redrum 05:35 12.81MB
Total size: 205.44MB (15 files)
Total length: 01:29:30

Extreme Remixes (23 Apr 2019)

Name Key BPM Length Size
Backstreet Boys Everybody Classic 90S Party Redrum 3A 110 04:21 9.99MB
Blame The Jam 11B 116 05:11 11.90MB
Bun B Ft Ying Yang Twins Git It Girl (Classic Hip Hop Redrum) 2A 105 03:53 8.91MB
Dropped The Kicks (Party Mashup) 9A 127 04:09 9.53MB
Jason Derulo Ft Snop Dogg Wiggle (Twerk Rework) 8A 92 04:10 9.57MB
Lauv Ft Troy Sivan Im So Tired 2019 Club Party Redrum 1B 103 03:01 6.92MB
Lil Nas X Old Town Road (2019 Club Rework) 1A 80 02:37 6.02MB
Marshmello Ft Bastille Happier (2018 Club Party Banger) 7B 126 03:40 8.44MB
Marshmello Ft Chvrches Here With Me (2019 Club Party Banger) 4A 128 03:09 7.22MB
Soca Boys Ft Van B King Follow The Leader (Classic Reggae Club Party Banger) 2A 138 05:39 12.95MB
Timbaland Cop That Shit (Dancehall Banger) 8A 101 04:16 9.81MB
Usher Ft Young Thug No Limit 2016 Club Redrum 2A 134 04:06 9.40MB
Warm Up The Problem (Classic Mashup) 1A 118 02:34 5.92MB
Total size: 116.54MB (13 files)
Total length: 00:50:46

Extreme Remixes (30 Jan 2019)

Another-one-bites-the-dust-bambi-remix-intro-clean (03:56)
Clarity Mutfakta 2019 Club Party Banger Bootleg Mashup (04:26)
Culture Club Miss Me Blind 2019 Club Party Banger (03:37)
Donell Jones You Know Whats Up 2019 Classic Club Banger (04:20)
Golden Girls Theme 2019 Club Banger Rework (02:24)
Happier-when-pumped-up-mike-candys-vs-marshmello-chris-vision-mashup (04:11)
Lmfao Fatman Scoop Sexy And I Know It Club Party Hype Rework (02:34)
Love Sex And Magic Glasses 2019 Club B More Mashup (03:48)
Mariah Carey Touch My Body 2019 Hype Party Remix (03:38)
Neyo She Knows 2019 Club Party Banger (04:13)
We-will-rock-you-kevin-d-re-fix-intro-clean (01:52)

Extreme Remixes (24 Oct 2018)

Beautiful Day N Nite Classic Club Party Mashup (04:46)
Black Box Strike It Up Classic 90s House Club Banger Rework (02:58)
Black Box Strike It Up Classic 90s Hype Edit Party Rework (02:29)
Chris Brown Run It Classic Hype Edit Party Intro (02:53)
Come Together Royals Classic Party Mashup (03:14)
Dj House Kat My Party Hype Edit Intro (03:48)
Dj Mad Put Your Drinks Up Classic Party Break (02:27)
Eminem Just Lose The Party Break (02:05)
Post Malone Better-now 2018 Club Party Hype Redrum (04:04)
Smells Like Dragula 2017 Halloween Mashup (04:59)
Somebodys Watching Jackie Chan 2018 Club Party Halloween Mashup (03:47)
The Sley Brothers Shout Classic 50s Trap Rework (04:07)
Took The Jackie Chan Night 2018 Club Party Mashup (03:48)
Wilson Phillips Hold On Classic 90s Redrum (03:26)