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Latin Remixes (20 Nov 2023)

Name Key BPM Length Size
Alexis Y Fido – Una En Un Millon (Dj Jesus Olivera Intro Acapella) 95Bpm 9A 95 02:53 6.64MB
Aqua Dezko – Barbie Girl Vs Ascend Tech House Mashup 1A 125 03:42 8.51MB
Baby Rasta’ Gringo’ Nio Garcia’ Casper – Pichaera (Dj Underblasth Intro Aca Break Outro) 6A 92 04:02 9.27MB
Bad Bunny X Pitbull – Estamos Bien X Back In Time (Sandunga Mashup) 8A 127 02:40 6.14MB
Bonny Cepeda – Ay Doctor (Onne Edit Percussion Bass Intro 2K23) 160Bpm 7B 80 05:12 11.92MB
Chencho Carleone Coro – Hora De Salir 10A 90 02:54 6.67MB
Chencho Corleone – Hora De Salir (Dj Underblasth Intro Aca Breakdown Outro) 10A 86 03:47 8.69MB
Chencho Corleone – Hora De Salir (Dj Underblasth Intro Breakdown Outro) 10A 86 03:59 9.14MB
Conep Jay Wheeler Brytiago – Romperte (Dirty) (Alejandro Dark Intro Outro) 87Bpm 11A 87 04:30 10.31MB
Cosculluela – Prrum (Reggaeton To Tech House) 4A 92 02:33 5.87MB
Daddy Yankee – El Ritmo No Perdona (Sandunga Moombahton Remix) 7A 100 02:38 6.05MB
Gente De Zona Ft. Marc Anthony – Traidora (Rolando Rodriguez Open Show) 098 Bpm 6A 98 02:57 6.76MB
Jhayco – Holanda (Rolando Rodriguez Break) 108 Bpm 12A 108 03:06 7.13MB
Jhayco – Holanda (Rolando Rodriguez) 108 Bpm 12A 108 03:42 8.49MB
Karol G – S 91 X Neverita (Dj Underblasth Unforgettable Blend Mix) 6B 128 03:07 7.16MB
Karol G – S91 (Dj Omy Break Acapella) 5A 128 02:46 6.36MB
Krs One – Sound Od Fa Police Reggaeton To Tech House 4A 96 02:36 5.98MB
Modern Talking – Just We Two (Mona Lisa) (Onne Edit Drums Intro 2K23) 118Bpm 8B 118 03:53 8.92MB
Moly’ Hoobastank – The Reason (Dj Reto Production. Acapella) 97 Bpm 12B 97 03:08 7.18MB
Myke Towers – Lala (Alejandro Dark Intro Chorus Outro) 92Bpm 2B 92 03:01 6.92MB
Olga Tanon – Tu Carinito (Decks Percussion Intro) 115Bpm 8B 115 03:17 7.55MB
Peso Pluma’ Ryan Castro – Quema (Dj Jesus Olivera Intro Acapella) 98Bpm 8A 98 02:28 5.69MB
Rauw Alejandro – Cuando Baje El Sol – Dj Underblasth – Intro Chorus Outro – 100Bpm 9A 100 02:50 6.51MB
Rikarena – No Puedo Olvidarla (Decks Percussion Break Intro) 145Bpm 6B 145 04:44 10.84MB
Rochy Rd Ft. Anuel Aa – Milloneta (Rolando Rodriguez Acapella) 117 Bpm 7A 117 02:36 5.96MB
Ryan Castro Ft. Bellakath – Quema Y Yo Me Le Pego (Rolando Rodriguez Mashup Segway) 100 Bpm 8A 100 02:52 6.60MB
Shakira Y Manuel Turizo – Copa Vacia (Dj Underblasth Intro Acapella Outro) 7B 90 03:04 7.03MB
Tony Vega – Dile (Onne Edit Percussion Bass Direct Intro 2K23) 82Bpm 7B 82 04:05 9.39MB
Travis Scott Ft Bad Bunny – K Pop (Dj Robin Ramos Acapella Breakdown) 121 Bpm 5A 121 02:35 5.95MB
Travis Scott X Bad Bunny X The Weeknd – K-Pop (Dj Matt Acapella Starter Hype Outro) 5A 121 02:51 6.55MB
Travis Scott X Bad Bunny X The Weeknd – K-Pop (Intro Breakdown Outro Dave Aguilar) 121 Bpm 4A 121 03:26 7.88MB
Wisin Jowell Y Randy – Baja Sube Sube (Clean) (Alejandro Dark Intro Chorus Outro) 89Bpm 1A 89 03:18 7.56MB
Wisin Jowell Y Randy – Baja Sube Sube (Dirty) (Alejandro Dark Intro Outro) 89Bpm 1A 89 03:39 8.38MB
Young – Miko Wiggy Intro Especial 9A 94 03:06 7.12MB
Total size: 257.10MB (34 files)
Total length: 01:51:57