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DMP (22 Dec 2022)

Name Key BPM Length Size
A$Ap Rocky’ Skepta – Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Durdenhauer Edit) [Intro Clean] 5A 148 05:38 12.95MB
Andruss’ Umberto Pagliaroli’ El Apache Ness – Mueve (Original Mix) (Intro Clean) 12A 128 06:16 14.43MB
Arcangel Ft. Bad Bunny Vs. James Hype – La Jumpa (Roger Blanco Jr ‘dancing’ Edit) [Intro Main] 5A 125 04:51 11.23MB
Blake Shelton Vs. Florida Georgia Line – Honeybee X Sun Daze (Jerry Kay Never Felt A Love Like This X Home Sweet Home Edit) [Intro Clean] 12B 126 02:28 5.69MB
Bruno Furlan – Ny To La (Intro Clean) 6A 129 05:14 12.05MB
Bryan Softwell – Aqui (Clean) 5A 128 03:31 8.09MB
Bryan Softwell – Aqui (Intro Clean) 5A 128 05:31 12.71MB
Cedric Gervais X Joel Corry – Molly (Acapella) 4A 127 03:41 10.87MB
Cedric Gervais X Joel Corry – Molly (Clean) 8A 127 03:42 8.51MB
Cedric Gervais X Joel Corry – Molly (Instrumental) 8A 127 03:42 10.86MB
Cedric Gervais X Joel Corry – Molly (Intro Clean) 8A 127 05:33 12.78MB
Chemical Surf’ Ghabe’ Leiru – Lapada (Clean) 2A 126 02:50 6.52MB
Chemical Surf’ Ghabe’ Leiru – Lapada (Intro Clean) 2A 126 04:33 10.49MB
Chris Avantgarde’ Kevin De Vries – Mind Control (Original Mix) (Intro Clean) 3A 127 06:32 15.02MB
Cole Swindell – She Had Me At Heads Carolina (Jerry Kay & Jbar Good Grief X Wired Edit) [Intro Clean] 4A 126 02:31 5.80MB
David Guetta & Bebe Rexha X Cheyenne Giles Vs. Mariah Carey Vs. Lil John – I’m Good Auld Lang Syne (Pat C’s Nye 2023 Countdown) [Dirty] 6A 127 03:54 8.98MB
Dazz’ Calvo X Chris Young – Famous Friends (Jbar I Just Got 2 Edit) [Intro Clean] 2A 126 02:03 4.74MB
Deorro Ft. Lost Boy – Nobody Like You (Clean) 6A 128 02:45 6.32MB
Fedde Le Grand Vs House Divided – Put Your Hands Up For The Vibration (Mason Flint Mashup) [Intro Clean] 7A 126 04:42 10.84MB
Firebeatz Vs. Drake Ft. 21 Savage – Lose My Shit Vs. 21 (Matmelo Mashup) [Intro Dirty] 2A 128 04:09 9.56MB
Jay-Z’ Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Gin And Sonic Remix) [Intro Dirty] 4A 124 03:31 8.10MB
Kid Rock – Dangerous X All Summer Long (Jerry Kay Echo Edit) [Intro Clean] 9A 126 02:28 5.70MB
Kream – Cold (Clean) 8A 126 03:04 7.18MB
Kream – Cold (Intro Clean) 8A 126 04:13 9.71MB
Kream – Numb (Clean) 3A 126 03:35 8.35MB
Kream – Numb (Intro Clean) 3A 126 04:44 10.91MB
Los Compadres – La Rumba (Rumpunch Dubb) [Intro Clean] 11A 124 04:42 11.01MB
Lynx – May 1988 (Original Mix) [Extended Clean] 7A 120 07:45 17.83MB
Marc Benjamin – Crypto (Dirty) 9A 125 02:15 5.21MB
Marc Benjamin – Crypto (Instrumental) 9A 125 03:16 7.51MB
Marc Benjamin – Crypto (Intro Dirty) 9A 125 03:16 7.52MB
Morgan Wallen – Chasin You Up (Jerry Kay Lift Your Voicesedit) [Intro Clean] 9B 126 01:55 4.42MB
Niiko X Swae Vs. Taylor Swift Vs. Randy Houser – Country Mine (Jbar Edit) [Intro Clean] 9B 126 02:28 5.70MB
Nirvana Vs. Max Styler’ Anthony Attalla’ Brux – Come As You Are (Pat C’s ‘ttm’ Edit) [Intro Clean] 5A 126 03:18 7.59MB
Pat Premier – I Just Want (Dave Audé Remix) [Clean] 6A 126 03:30 8.07MB
Pat Premier – I Just Want (Dave Audé Remix) [Intro Clean] 6A 126 05:10 11.89MB
Polyrhythm – Candombe Negro (Original Mix) [Extended Clean] 8A 123 06:52 15.87MB
Ricardo Criollo House – El Trago (Original Mix) [Extended Clean] 11A 124 05:10 11.94MB
Rihanna – Lift Me Up (Ligotti Remix) [Clean] 11B 124 03:58 9.12MB
Rihanna – Lift Me Up (Ligotti Remix) [Instrumental] 11B 124 04:57 11.41MB
Rihanna – Lift Me Up (Ligotti Remix) [Intro Clean] 11B 124 04:57 11.41MB
Sofi Tukker – Chasing Cars (Clean) 11B 142 04:38 10.66MB
Sofнa Reyes – Luna [Main] 8B 100 02:26 5.63MB
Swedish House Mafia Vs. Deadmau5′ Radiology – Save The World (Kastra Strobe Edit) [Intro Clean] 1A 128 04:16 9.83MB
Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero (Gin And Sonic Remix) [Intro Clean] 12B 125 05:23 12.39MB
The Blessed Madonna – Serotonin Moonbeams (Clean) 2B 131 04:47 10.98MB
The Blessed Madonna – Serotonin Moonbeams (Intro Dirty) 2B 131 04:49 11.09MB
The Scene Kings – Laced Up (Clean) 2A 128 02:54 6.71MB
The Scene Kings – Laced Up (Intro Clean) 9A 128 03:41 8.48MB
Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Jake Silva Remix) [Clean] 5A 126 03:20 7.66MB
Whysoserious & Versano Ft. Godwonder – Mangera [Main] 10A 100 02:39 6.10MB
Total size: 484.40MB (51 files)
Total length: 03:28:03