DMP (04 Jan 2021)

Name Key BPM Length Size
All Me (Angelo The Kid Green Tea Edit) (Intro Dirty) 4A 124 03:21 7.75MB
All The Ladies In The Place (Benja Styles Party Break) (Clean) 4A 100 03:02 6.99MB
Ass Up Pimp (Stayer Mashup) (Intro Dirty) 11A 128 03:07 7.18MB
Be Somebody (Moodshift Remix) (Intro Dirty) 10A 97 02:41 6.18MB
Because I Got High (Angelo The Kid Echo Edit) (Intro Dirty) 9A 126 02:19 5.35MB
Beso (Dave Mak Remix) (Intro Clean) 4A 128 03:18 7.61MB
Beso (Jstjr Remix) (Clean) 4A 100 04:00 9.19MB
Beso (Los Dutis Remix) (Intro Clean) 4A 80 03:18 7.59MB
Best Of 2020 Megamashup (Djs From Mars Mashup) (Dirty) 1A 124 05:20 12.29MB
Beware Of The Boys (Hypelezz Mashup) (Intro Clean) 2A 125 03:37 8.33MB
Blinding Lights (Sico Vox Afrobeat Flip) (Clean) 5B 100 02:39 6.14MB
Call On Me (Angelo The Kid Devotion Edit) (Intro Clean) 6A 126 02:34 5.93MB
Cream (Pat C’s Krazy Edit) (Intro Dirty) 8A 125 03:36 8.29MB
Dakiti Apollo Monster (Dramos Mashup) (Intro Clean) 4A 126 02:50 6.53MB
Dakiti Apollo Monster (Dramos Mashup) (Intro Dirty) 4A 126 02:50 6.53MB
Diamonds (Angelo The Kid What It Feels Like Edit) (Intro Clean) 10A 128 03:48 8.79MB
Finally (Bossa Nova ‘why Do You Lie To Me’ Edit) (Intro Clean) 9A 125 03:11 7.38MB
Happy New Year (Telykast Remix) (Intro Clean) 2A/2B 121 03:02 6.99MB
Happy New Year (Telykast Remix) (Intro Dirty) 2A 121 03:00 6.92MB
Holy (Angelo The Kid I Just Got Nobody Like You Edit) (Intro Clean) 2A 128 02:33 5.91MB
Holy (Madsko Edit) (Intro Dirty) 2B/2A 95 03:04 7.09MB
Hot Stuff (Pat C’s ‘turn Off The Radio’ Bootleg) (Intro Clean) 6A 124 03:38 8.38MB
In And Out Of My Life (19Ninety ‘boombots’ Mashup) (Intro Clean) 2A 126 03:04 7.08MB
Kings & Queens (Mikey Mev’s Alive Edit) (Intro Clean) 12A 126 03:10 3.67MB
Latch (Kof Edit) (Intro Clean) 4B 126 04:53 11.24MB
Leave Me Again (Dima Sick Remix) (Clean) 5A 126 03:55 9.03MB
Leave Me Again (Dima Sick Remix) (Intro Clean) 5A 126 04:51 11.16MB
Leave Me Again (Masteria Remix) (Clean) 12A 128 03:26 7.90MB
Leave Me Again (Masteria Remix) (Instrumental) 3B 128 04:30 10.34MB
Leave Me Again (Masteria Remix) (Intro Clean) 12A 128 04:30 10.34MB
Leave Me Again (Ritn Remix) (Clean) 5A 125 03:58 9.12MB
Leave Me Again (Ritn Remix) (Intro Clean) 5A 125 04:55 11.32MB
Lemonade (Screechy Remix) (Dirty) 1A 126 02:36 6.00MB
Levels (Hypelezz Mashup) (Intro Clean) 12A 128 03:24 7.83MB
Lift Off Sundara September (Juzzo Mashup) (Intro Clean) 2A 130 04:09 9.58MB
London Bridge (Mikey Mev’s Green Tea Edit) (Intro Dirty) 4A 124 03:21 3.88MB
Love Coltrane (Kof Mashup) (Intro Clean) 5A/6A 126 02:49 6.51MB
Love You For Free (Lodato Bootleg) (Intro Clean) 2B/2A 80 03:40 8.43MB
Mistakes (Deep Mix) (Clean) 9A 124 03:27 7.94MB
Over My Head (Angelo The Kid Smells Like Teen Future Edit) (Intro Clean) 4A 128 02:15 5.21MB
Ready To Gimme Ya (Wado’s Mash Up) (Intro Clean) 7A 126 02:19 5.35MB
Save My Lighthouse (Lodato Bootleg) (Intro Clean) 9A 128 06:16 14.41MB
So Done Ill Take U There (Dramos Mashup) (Intro Clean) 12A 80 03:40 8.44MB
So Done Ill Take U There (Dramos Mashup) (Intro Dirty) 12A 80 03:40 8.44MB
Sorry (Angelo The Kid Long Time Party Starter Edit) (Intro Clean) 1A 128 02:00 4.79MB
Therefore I Knock (Lodato Bootleg) (Intro Clean) 4A 126 02:22 5.48MB
Toxic (Kastra Love Sweat & Tears Edit) (Intro Clean) 10A 124 03:23 7.79MB
Turn Up Colors (Ice Cream Edit) (Intro Dirty) 2A 130 03:50 8.85MB
Underwater (Dombresky Remix) (Dirty) 5A 124 02:41 6.19MB
Underwater (Dombresky Remix) (Intro Dirty) 5A 124 03:39 8.40MB
Use Your Lover (Lodato Bootleg) (Intro Clean) 3B 125 04:32 10.45MB
You Broke Me First (Kastra Promises Edit) (Intro Clean) 12A 126 04:15 9.78MB
You’ve Got The Love (Kastra Level Edit) (Intro Clean) 1A 126 03:02 7.01MB
Total size: 415.32MB (53 files)
Total length: 03:03:20