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Beatfreakz (28 Sep 2021)

Name Key BPM Length Size
M2M – Everything You Do (Pop Redrum) 122Bpm Clean 12B 122 04:31 10.40MB
Madonna – Music (Sexyback Party Starter) 119Bpm Clean 6A 119 05:00 11.51MB
Mario – Let Me Love You (Old School Redrum) 94Bpm Clean 5A 94 04:47 11.00MB
Mary J. Blige – Family Affair (Dance Dj Scratch) 92Bpm Clean 1A 92 05:07 11.79MB
Michaelle Branch – All You Wanted (Redrum) 96Bpm Clean 4B 96 04:25 10.15MB
Moni Love – Monie In The Middle (Old School Redrum) 115Bpm Clean 5A 115 04:29 10.31MB
New Kids On The Block – You Got It (The Right Stuff) (Redrum) 111Bpm Clean 5A 111 04:36 10.60MB
Pitbull Feat. Tjr – Don’t Stop The Party (Personal Club Edit) 127Bpm Clean 11A 127 04:26 10.22MB
Ricky Martin Feat. Maluma – Vente Pa’ Ca (Spanish Moombah) 96Bpm Clean 10A 96 05:05 11.68MB
Robbie Williams – Rock Dj (Redrum) 103Bpm Clean 10B 103 05:02 11.60MB
Sara Evans – Suds In The Bucket (2000S Country Redrum) 80Bpm Clean 6B 80 04:42 10.80MB
Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You (Redrum) 92Bpm Clean 11B 92 04:41 10.79MB
Simply Red – Stars (90S Redrum) 103Bpm Clean 9B 103 04:59 11.47MB
Sugar Ray – Fly (Redrum) 100Bpm Clean 4B 100 04:26 10.20MB
The Gorrs – So Young (Pop Moombah Redrum) 106Bpm Clean 9B 106 04:43 10.84MB
The Jets – Crush On You (Dj Scratch Starter) 120Bpm Clean 8A 120 04:52 11.18MB
Unlimited – Twiligght Zone (Dj Scratch Party) 127Bpm Clean 3A 127 05:02 11.58MB
Us3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) (Old School Redrum) 116Bpm Clean 4A 116 04:52 11.21MB
Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow (Redrum) 82Bpm Dirty 7A 82 04:35 10.54MB
Zz Top – Gimme All Your Lovin (Classic Redrum) 120Bpm Clean 5A 120 04:42 10.80MB
Total size: 218.66MB (20 files)
Total length: 01:35:02