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Beatfreakz (11 May 2023)

Name Key BPM Length Size
Anti Hero X Wonderland (Taylor Swift) (Quick Future Basshouse 128 Bpm) 5A 128 03:10 7.28MB
Blackpink – Typa Girl (Quick Basshouse Bootleg Transition 128-132-128 Bpm) 6A 128 03:04 7.04MB
Circus X Face (Britney Spears X Lady Gaga) (Quick Basshouse Bootleg Mashup Transition 128-115-128 Bpm) 11A 128 03:12 7.37MB
Everybody X Levitating (Backstreet Boys X Dua Lipa) (Quick Basshouse Mashup Transition128-108-128 Bpm) 3A 128 03:10 7.30MB
Freddy Kalas – Vacation (Dj Jlord Hype In Redrum Clean 133) 3A 133 03:12 7.36MB
Humprey – Nagloko Ka Rin Naman (Surprised Bootleg Bounce) Clean 128Bpm 7A 128 03:13 7.39MB
Humprey X Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dog – Nagloko Ka Rin Naman X Still D.r.e (Quick Basshouse Bootleg Opm Transition 128-100-128 Bpm) 4A 128 03:05 7.08MB
Italobrothers – This Is Nightlife (Dj Jlord Hype In Redrum Clean 130) 10A 130 03:11 7.32MB
Jason Derulo – Ridin Solo (Quick Basshouse Bootleg Transition128-135-128 Bpm) 11B 128 03:12 7.34MB
L Amour Toujours – Gigi D Agostino Tiktok (Dj Jlord Hype In Redrum Clean 130) 12A 130 03:09 7.25MB
Look What You Made Me Do X If You Seek Amy (Taylor Swift X Britney Spears) (Quick Edm Bootleg Mashup 128 Bpm) 9A 128 03:03 7.03MB
One More Time X Worth It (Britney Spear X Fifth Harmony) (Quick Basshouse Mashup Transition 128-100-128 Bpm) 5A 100 03:07 7.19MB
Pink Venom X Buttons (Blackpink X Pussycat Dolls) (Quick Basshouse Mashup Edit 128-98-128 Bpm) 9A 128 03:08 7.20MB
Rihanna – Disturbia (Quick Tribal Bootleg Smasher 128 Bpm) 9A 128 03:07 7.15MB
Shontelle – Tshirt (Quick Basshouse Bootleg Hyped Transition 128-87-128 Bpm) 11A 87 03:06 7.14MB
Skrillex Ft. Missy Elliot – Ratata (Tribal Bootleg 128 Bpm) 7A 128 03:09 7.24MB
Taylor Swift X Memes – Love Story X Romeo Save Me Troll (Quick Festival Banger Troll Transition 128-119-128 Bpm) 10B 128 03:13 7.40MB
Touch My Goddies (Ariana Grande X Ciara) (Quick Basshouse Mashup Transition 128-103-128 Bpm) 6A 128 03:06 7.13MB
Without Me X Levels (Eminem X Avicii) (Quick Bootleg Mashup Edit 126 Bpm) 12A 126 03:04 7.07MB
Zack Tabudlo – Yakap (Quick Basshouse Bootleg Opm Transition 128-114-128 Bpm) 1A 128 03:09 7.24MB
Total size: 144.55MB (20 files)
Total length: 01:02:50