80s Videos (30 Aug 2021)

Name Length Size
Let Me In – Mike Francis (Dz 80’s Rmx) 07:36 186.67MB
Looking For A New Love – Jody Watley (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:52 149.44MB
Lovely Day – Mike Francis (Dz 80’s Rmx) 05:05 116.49MB
Mad About You – Belinda Carlisle (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:03 85.31MB
Manic Monday – Bangles (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:50 91.61MB
Name Game – Laura Branigan (80’s Rmx) 05:37 173.66MB
Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:24 88.95MB
Never Mind – Colors (Dz 80’s Rmx) 05:23 163.16MB
Only In My Dreams – Debbie Gibson (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:37 140.38MB
Point Of No Return – Expose (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:18 132.42MB
Rico Mambo – Breakfast Club (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:45 146.25MB
Right On Track – Breakfast Club (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:57 151.95MB
Robert De Niro – Bananarama (Dz 80’s Rmx) 01:54 43.39MB
Rocket To You – The Jets (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:50 108.37MB
Sahara Nights – F.r. David (80’s Rmx) 05:45 133.27MB
Shake Your Love – Debbie Gibson (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:00 122.58MB
Sometimes A Fantasy – Billy Joel (Dz 80’s Rmx) 03:41 113.69MB
Stay – Marx & Spencer (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:18 132.04MB
Suddenly Back To Me – Mike Francis (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:54 119.43MB
Sweet-For-My-Sweet-Chriss-Dz-80S-Rmx 06:36 150.67MB
Swiss Boy – Lou Sern (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:48 112.72MB
Take Me To Your Heart – Rick Astley (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:01 81.51MB
Take-Me-Up-Scotch-Dz-80S-Rmx 05:41 126.08MB
Tarzan Boy – Baltimora (Dz 80’s Rmx).mp4 04:24 95.88MB
Telephone – Sheena Easton (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:34 140.62MB
Tell It To My Heart – Taylor Dane (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:17 131.91MB
There’s No Stopping Us – Ollie & Jerry (Dz 80’s Rmx) 05:11 159.94MB
Together Forever – Rick Astley (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:01 79.16MB
Tonight – Ken Laszl0 (Dz 80’s Rmx) 05:54 133.13MB
Touch In The Night – Silent Circle (80’s Rmx) 03:50 85.47MB
True Blue – Madonna (80’s Rmx) 04:21 133.98MB
Ttin’ On The Ritz ’89 Taco 04:14 113.46MB
Two Of Hearts – Stacey Q. (Dz 80’s Rmx) 05:11 159.14MB
Two Rivers (X) – The Adventure 07:18 37.55MB
Two Rivers Extended Clean 80S Clubdjvideos – The Adventures 05:11 74.66MB
Uce Hornsby & The Range – The Way It Is (Clean) (Single) 04:32 112.48MB
Under Pressure (Discotech Edit) – Queen (Dj Shaqwave)-1 03:14 123.24MB
Uptown Girl – Billy Joel 03:23 31.52MB
Uptown Girl – Billy Joel (Dj Shaqwave) 03:23 44.01MB
Uptown Girl – Billy Joel (Dj Shaqwave)-11 03:23 56.27MB
Venus (Long Version) 2 4 05:40 43.11MB
Venus (Long Version) 2 4-9 05:40 94.44MB
Village People – Y.m.c.a 2011 – (Dj Bunny Beat) – Dj Maco Max.mp4 05:48 18.49MB
Waiting Game-Swing Out Sister (Dj Shaqwave)-12 04:15 64.35MB
Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go) Wham (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:33 139.94MB
Walking Away Original Space Age 12 Inch Mix (Dj Shaqwave) 06:36 123.10MB
Wanna Be Startin Somethin – Michael Jackson (The Shaqwave) T1 C1 07:05 270.06MB
Way You Make Feel – Xm 02:42 66.96MB
Wham – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go [Intro] – Clean 04:02 147.01MB
What A Feeling (Hot Tracks Remix) Irene Cara – Dj Shaqwave-1 07:44 128.94MB
What A Fool Believes – The Doobie Bro. (The Shaqwave) T1 C1 03:33 134.89MB
What Do I Do – Phil Fearon And Galaxy (The Shaqwave) T1 C1 06:00 228.65MB
Whats On Your Mind (X)-Information Society (Dj Shaqwave) 04:51 85.49MB
When Smokey Sings – Abc 04:57 73.88MB
When Smokey Sings – Abc 3 04:57 73.88MB
Whisper To A Scream Clean Clubdjvideos – Icicle Works 03:35 84.45MB
Who Can It Be Now 03:34 63.10MB
Wild Boys – Duran Duran (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:53 109.76MB
Wishing – A Flock Of Seaguel (The Shaqwave)-1 04:27 169.79MB
Words – F R David 03:31 30.37MB
World Mixed Up – Timex Social Club (The Shaqwave) T1 C1 07:20 279.47MB
You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi 03:58 59.52MB
You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate (Dj Shaqwave)-5 06:13 103.47MB
You Shook Me All Night Long – Acdc-12 03:43 61.58MB
You Shook Me All Night Long Extended Acdc 03:45 89.17MB
You Shook Me All Night Long Extended Acdc 03:45 89.17MB
You Should Be Dancin (Dance Version)-The Bee Gees 04:18 39.97MB
You To Me Are Everything – The Real Thing (Dj Shaqwave) 05:14 87.33MB
You’re A Woman (Remix98) – Bad Boys Blue-4 03:06 51.04MB
You’re My Heart’ You’re My Soul – Modern Talking 03:16 30.28MB
You`re My Love’ You`re My Life – Patty Ryan (The Shaqwave) T1 C1 04:14 161.50MB
Your Heart Keeps Beating – Blind Date (Dz 80’s Rmx) 04:18 132.35MB
Youre My Heart Youre My Soul – Modern Talking 03:16 31.08MB
Total size: 7,949.03MB (73 files)
Total length: 05:42:05